Music: "Aye" Banger from Supersylv (single) drops

The most anticipated tune "Aye" by Supersylv finally drops.

Supersylv is a Versatile and talented Nigerian singer/songwriter whose unique style of music sets him apart from his peers..he has featured on some of the biggest collaborations and has worked with big names in the industry..supersylv is mainly an afro singer and does versatile, conscious and contemporary out for him because he is the next big thing.





Story of my life wey I never tell
(Eh wey I never tell)
Story of my life wey I never tell
(See this life)

Aye ti mo wayi
Ti ba so fun e pe
Plenty rubbish wey the broda man eye don see
Aye ti mo wayi
If I tell you all the ghetto
All the zanga wey the broda man leg don reach

See my mama prayer e go work oo
Me I no go ever ever rush oo
See the blessings I dey find dey for pot oo
Steady gently gently put in work oo. X2
Dem say nobody
Supersylv omo na the somebody
Dem say dem say nobody
Supersylv Mr vibe everybody come and see somebody

Verse 1:
Poverty to me na kalu kalu
Ti o bati lowo you be balu balu
Enter the party on a low malu malu
If you think say I dey lie ask faruq
I dey ball I dey ball I dey ball like kaka
I dey pass untop the fracas
Focus on top my mata
Eh untop my mata

Chorus x1
Bridge x1

Verse 2:
See the breeze of life my broda
E dey risky shark the whisky
E fit open person yansh
Take am easy with the whisky
When I start the music hustle
People say I sound like wizzy (yehyeh)
But I go back to my root
Now I sound like supersylv
Ni ojuelegba ooo
Dem no know my story
Dem wan dash me money
And dem wan play my music

Aye ti mo wayi
Mr blizz on the beat
Mr vibe on the microphone oo
Thank you

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