ONEm Launches Airdrop for earning free mCoins, first Digital Currency accessible without the internet

today, ONEm announced the launch of mCoin Airdrop with up to 15,000,000 mCoins available to 30,000 People.
The AirDrop Program has a starting value of $450,000 and by the end of the ICO $750,000, when mCoin is listed on exchanges, we expect the value to increase.
What is mCoinAirdrop?
An Airdrop is a well-known way for users to take part in the growing community by completing few simple steps.
Our Airdrop is done via Google Forms, therefore, users can be sure that the action form is user-friendly, and we can efficiently check that the participants actually completed the actions.
Why should I participate in the Airdrop?
Earn free mCoins whilst also supporting the mCoin community.
Each participant can get rewarded up to 500 mCoins which is equivalent to $25 during the ICO sale price. When mCoin is listed on exchanges, we expect the value to increase.
You will also have the opportunity to be an early adopter of mCoin virtual wallet, the first wallet accessible offline to over 3 billion unconnected people on any mobile. The offline wallet will allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency without entering a long wallet address but just a unique name.
Join the mCoin Airdrop Program and be part of helping blockchain technology spread to even the unconnected remote places around the world.
How do I participate in the Airdrops as a user?
You just need to take part via this link. Please note that mCoins will be sent 90 days after the end of our ICO Sale.
mCoin Airdrop is available now. Once max capacity is reached the airdrop will close.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in our telegram chat.
How else can I earn more mCoins?
Join our Referral Program to earn 5% bonus in mCoins for every person in your network that purchases mCoins. They will also benefit from an extra 5% bonus.
Watch out for mCoin Pseudo Mining Campaign Launch shortly. ONEm encourage everybody to participate by voting on thier Telegram group.

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