I Will Be 34 Next Month, But I Haven’t Found True Love’ – Paddy Adenuga Cries Out

Paddy Adenuga, who is the son of billionaire businessman, Mike Adenuga, is in the news again.
This time, however, he is not posting thrilling and inspiring tales of his life’s journey so far, instead, he is telling anybody that cares to pay attention that despite all his ‘affluence’, something is missing in his life and that is TRUE LOVE’.
Paddy tweeted:
I am going to be 34 next month.. even after ending my Yoruba demon
ways years ago.. i still can’t figure women out completely
you meet a babe – all is going well.. then gbosa! she gets brain touch
the irrational weyrey tendencies are what gets to me So we can confidently state that Paddy is looking for a sister, but she should not have irrational werey tendencies
Read His Tweet Below:

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