I Beg My Husband To Have Sex With Me, Sometimes He Give Me Half Chop – Lady Laments

A Nigerian lady based in Anambra State, who doesn’t want to continue living in bondage has reached out to the Due Process Advocates, as she lamented over the abuses and sex starvation she has been subjected to by her husband.

The aggrieved lady who is a mother of five children in her post disclosed that she was even beaten by her husband while pregnant. She further added that her husband intimidates her, cheats on her, and won’t even have sex with her without her begging.
The lady who disclosed that she wants to leave her marriage, also said that her husband dates married women in their compound and even in their street.

A few days ago, it was reported that a five-year-old marriage between a 35year-old trader, Bilikisu Azeez and her husband, Olusesi, was discovered by an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on grounds of sex-starvation.

Bilikisu had told the court that her husband, Olusesi, starved her to sex for more than two years, a development which, she said, had affected her health.
My Husband has been starving me sex since he married his youngest wife; he has turned me to an abandoned property, I have been falling sick in and out of the hospital, during my last visit to the hospital, I was told that it was because I have not had sex for ling that is why I experience frequesnt sickness”
She also accused her husband of not caring for her and the only child of the marriage, saying “my husband does not take of me, I feed and clothe myself.

He refused to enroll our only child, who is over four years old in school and has failed to pay his medical bills; I always run to my mother for the hospital bill”
Bilikisu, who also accused her husband of battery, said he had beaten her publicly which resulted in her fainting, According to her, the trouble started when her husband brought in a third wife.

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