NEW: "GOD COMPLEX" Banger by Mephyz

"It is an exclamation, it is a little peek into what is to come ,it is me clearing my throat (warming up), it is a declaration, it is a feeling of immeasurable strength brought upon by my belief system..... It is #GodComplex."

Mephyz, an Afro-Hip-Life artiste based in port Harcourt, Nigeria. A rapper by default, also a singer and a producer
Afro-Hip-Life,  a combination of afrobeats, Hip Hop and hi-life.

An interview with Mephyz

Afro247News: "What is Music to you?"

Mephyz: "Music is life to me, an extension of my very being. Music is the only language my soul is fluent in."

Afro247: "How do you plan on doing music differently?"

Mephyz: "By being unconventional with the sounds and approach, pioneering new methods and ways and also by having a real reason for every song, besides fame and fortune"

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Twitter: @meph_official
Instagram: @iam_mephyz

Download links to "GOD COMPLEX"

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